My own hashtag

From my point of view, a picture is the representation of a feeling, a state of mind, a situation (the subjective one of the photographer at that particular moment and context), just as for a writer it is the book or the lyrics of the song he writes or it is going to write!

Thinking about how I could somehow create my space, delineating it in a precise way, I began to associate a phrase, an excerpt, a quote taken from a song text to my shots.

This is how the hashtag #immaginaunacanzone was born which, in addition to distinguishing me, expresses my concept of photography in toto.

If you are curious, on these pages you will find, in the various galleries, just everything I have told you.

Also, you can follow the #immaginaunacanzone hashtag on Instagram or Facebook that will take you into my world and into the world of the people who have started using it!

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