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My (short) story

I was born in 1975, in Avezzano, a town in Abruzzo, in central Italy.

I became passionate about photography as a teenager, when, in one of those wandering markets, I bought a Zenith 122, my first reflex!

Since those days a lot of water has passed under the bridges (and I trying to photograph it!) and slowly, from the first experiments, the Zenith has been transformed into a Minolta, then into a Nikon, then into another Nikon and with them my transformation from analog to digital.

All this path has allowed me to create experiences in many photographic styles, so much so that I call myself an advanced "hobbyist" (although I have my preferences, I shoot a bit of everything)!

For the rest of the story, my photos speak ...

"My" photography



Landscape photography has been the first theme I explored in depth.
I like walking and being outdoors, especially alone.
I combined the two passions and I brought home various satisfactions!



Details make the difference in real life.
I like to find and represent the most particular one, using, sometimes, macro technique (even if not excessively pushed)



Constancy and knowledge of the environment and subjects, the ingredients to make beautiful shots of animals in nature.
A genre that I have not practiced much, but that certainly attracts me.


Beautiful and difficult, this kind oh photos.
I try it, even if less frequently than the others.
I realized different shots of people, reaching a good experience and goals.

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